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Docker CMS Image on DockerHub

I've created Docker Image of the Alinous Document CMS on the DockerHub. The Docker Image is available from docker's pull command.

DockerHub's page

The image is hosted on following url.

In this page, the command to pull the docker image.

After installing the docker, you can get the image by this command.

The docker makes operation to install very easy.

Run the CMS Application

After you pulled the image, type following command on the shell.

The docker automatically set up the CMS's environment inside it, and you can access localhost via browser. In tihs command, it specifies the HTTP port into 80. Therefore you can access "http://localhost" via the web browser.

Git access is available

This docker image has following git repositories.

  • Source code of Alinous Document CMS
  • Tomcat folder

By "git clone" command, you can clone the repository, and by pushing it, the changes are deployed automatically.

Te command to clone is below.

Access the shell

This docker container's main process is "bash", and the "-itd" option makes attaching the terminal enabled. By following command, you can go inside the docker.

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