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Prepare development environment on 2016-08-15

Currently I am preparing git platfrom on Github. I'm going to make development process open on it. I've put last version on the Github, at alinous-agile-base. This is the last version. Next version is different.

Development Status

I've started to develop new Alinous-Core which has new database. Last version uses PostgreSQL and MySQL, but next version includes High-Speed Database. It works as embedded database with the Alinous-Core programming language.

Java to C++ code compiler and Garbage Collection

The basic Parts of Development is done. I'm now developing Project in Java, and compile it into C++ code.

The Garbage collection and the fast memory management engine is done.

Database Status

The main part of database is done. Following functions are implemented.

  • SELECT sentence
  • INSERT sentence
  • UPDATE sentence
  • Row and Table Locking

Following functions are ongoing.

  • Subquery
  • Use Dom variable as Table, NoSQL functions
  • Testing Lock

Web Interface

Following functions are done

  • Main framework of web server
  • Http Parameter processing

Next functions are ongoing

  • Session and security engine
  • Dynamic Html Tag Engine

Eclipse plugin

Eclipse plugin's current status is below. Following functions are done.

  • Main Framework of Eclipse Plugin
  • Alinous-Core and Database Launcher
  • Core framework of Debugging functions

Next functions are ongoing

  • Debugging framework of the server side program
  • Debugging API for Web Debugger
  • Alinous Script Editor's programming entity and keyword Colorling

The detail will be shown in thenew Github project.

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