Container Template

The Container template is the cage parts which includes some primitive template parts and other Container Templates. This type of the template is used to implement 2 column layer.

When you want to make 3 columns layout, include the container template in the container template. This template allows nested structure.

Template part for Desktop and Responsive Web Design

The Container Template parts are the parts for desktop page and pages with responsive web design. They are not used in the smartphone page, because the smartphone page's screen width is narrow.

Two column design part

Set Primitive Templates on the layers

You can put the Primitive Templates and other Container Templates on the GUI based design editor. It can edit the location of the design components inside the Container Template.

Customize the Style Sheet and Javascript for Responsive Web Design

When you are going to create a page design with the responsive web design, you have to edit the Style Sheet for this page template's Html. In addition to Style Sheet, you can also edit the Javascript.

By using both of Style Sheet and Javascript, you can make your responsive web design site.

CMS Functions

The Container Template is a layer which has 2 columns layout. In order to make 2 or 3 column layout, use this template in the top template.

Edit the Container Template

The Container Template Editor of this CMS has GUI editor. You can edit it with drag-and-drop and mouse click.

Edit Style Sheet and JavaScript

You can edit the Css and Javascript of the Container Template. By using id of the html layer, you can customize the design.

Edit Server code

The Container Template is just output the div layer of the html layout. Therefore, there are few oppotunities to edit the servercode. But you can edit the server code for this template,

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