Get started and install

Alinous Document CMS is easily available. It works on the server and cloud supporting Java Platform.

Use CMS on the Openshift

Works on the openshift

The Openshift is a Paas cloud which is provided by Reahat. By using this cloud service, you can have a website with this cms for completely free.

Setup from website

You can setup this Content Management System by web browser based website. You don't have to download files, just input url to install Alinous Document CMS after sign up the Openshift online.

Location of Openshift Cartridge

The source code of Alinous Document CMS and the openshift cartridget is hosted in the Git Hub.

Use Docker Image

The Alinous Document CMS has Docker Image. By using it, you can set up your server side software very easily.

The docker is container of the cloud platform. By making docker image, we can use a lot of type of the cloud platform. For example, KVM based cloud service, Microsoft Azure, and Openshift version 3.

The docker hub is the web service to distributed docker image so that it makes installation of application software very easy.

Make set up on VPS and dedicated server easy

The Docker provides compatible environment to work Linux platform. Therefore, if the web application provides Docker image, we can run it on all of the Linux platform in same way.

The Alinous-Core Language Server and CMS application also has Docker Image.

Iaas, VPS, and dedicated server

This Contents Management System runs on the Alinous-Core, and it works on the Tomcat Servlett Container. The installation process is almost same with one of the Tomcat.

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