• Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization supports on CMS

This Content Management System supports doing search engine optimization. Mainly, it supports internal SEO of the web contents.

This tool supports Content based SEO using CMS. When you do SEO in this style, you'll make a lot of high quality content. But as the amount of content increases, it become more difficult to keep the quality of the website for the search engine.

Those tools supports to check quality of contents and website from the view of Search Engines.

Checking Keyword Balance

Keyword Balance is important on doing SEO. If some words are too many, the significance of other keywords are too little.

Therefore you have to check there are keywords which has too many occurrence.

Analyze Page Theme

By using this CMS, you can check the theme of the pages and similarity between the pages. This tool is effective to find duplicated contents in your website.

Check content's theme

Google Webmaster Tools

By using webmaster tools, you can know the status of your website.  You can download Keywords Contents and Internal Links detected from the tool in CSV file. This tool is effective to do SEO health check.

Crawler and Access Log

You can check google crawler's access log and user's access log. The crawler's access log is used to check the last visited time for the pages in the sitemap xml file.

Base Component

This editor uses base component provided by Alinous-Core's programming component. About the detail, please take a look at following page.

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