Filter Hook setting

 Alinous-Core has some type of fileters to hook page processiong.

You can write the filter by Java language with the JavaConnector library.

Input-Output filter

 Input-Output filter is used to hook contents and input from form. The sample of setting is below.

The "area" tag is abstract path based on the "ALINOUS_HOME" directory. You can define multiple zones under "filter" tag.

Input filter

 Input filter handled parameter string of http form. In this example, translating utf-8(default charactor set of Alinous-Core) into SJIS.

Output filter

 Output filter hook the html generated by Alinous-Core, before the servlet output it.

Library *.jar file

 The library including "org.alinous.web.filter.*" is same with JavaConnector's library file, it is named "alinousjc.jar".

It is in the "/ALINOUS_HOME/lib" folder of JavaConnector Sample project.

Url access filter

 Url access filter hook the access before the processing Alinous-Script starts.

By defining this, all accesses are hooked by this filter.



Library *.jar file

 The library to include is same with one of Input-Output filter.

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