System and Database setting

 The first things to set up Alinous-Core is the system and database setting.

System setting

 At first, you have to edit system setting to edit data source if necessary.


 Alinous-Core use session database. The id is defined in the database setting section of the "alinous-config.xml".


 This tag specify the default application database. When you write SQL in the Alinous-Script, Alinous-Core access this database.


 This tag specify the maximum size of file to upload at once.


 This tag specify the 404 not found page.

Database setting

 Define datasource of Alinous-Core, you can define multiple datasources and mark each id.

PostgreSQL data source setting

 PostgreSQL data source setting. I strongly recommend you tu use PostgreSQL, because Alinous-Core's specification is based on it.

Table name's character is upper or lower case

 If you want to use upper case string as database table and column name, please set resultupper="true".

MySQL data source setting

 You can use mysql. After defining datasource of MySQL, you have to do following operations.

  • Download MySQL's jdbc driver and copy it into the "ALINOUS_HOME/lib/" folder of your project.
  • If you use utf8 as charactor set, you have to configure my.cnf to use it.

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