For IT Professionals

Alinous-Core is easy programming language and website development tool.And this is not only for beginner developers but also professional developers.

Agile and rapid web development tools

 Alinous-Core has neat, and easy language specification.It is DSL(Domain Specific Language), one of the light weight language.

It supports functions, which other programming language do them by framework, by language and server's specification. Therefore the program become very neat.

You can develop web based application very rapidly because of the simple programming.

Supports perspective for agile environment

 In order to do rapid development, perspective is very important factor. The Alinous-Core's IDE support the development process powerfully.

Powerful debugging environment

 The debugger is necessary to write accurate code. The best way to understand for the programmer about what the code does.

Breaked by debugger

Contents assist

 Alinous-Core's IDE has powerful contents assist. Especially, it has one to deal database scheme.

Content assist for database

By this function, you can cut the labor to go to the document which has database scheme information. This is very userful.

About contents assist, please take a look at Alinous-Script Ediotor's page.

Various function for web based application development

 This programming language has various builtin functions for web based application development.

Please take a look at Function reference. Then you can understand what this programming language can do without extending this language by Java.

Database performance

 Alinous-Core supports high performance website, and applications which deal a lot of data.

Supports precompiled statement automatically

 The Alinous-Core has SQL compiler internally. Therefore it can understand the SQL code, and the SQL is executable by precompiled statement or not.

And automatically detect how to execute it and do it.

Supports simultaneous execution and threading

 In addidion to the precompiled statement, Alinous-Core supports multithreading by standard threading function and Parallel execution block.

If you execute independent operations by multiple threads, you can use CPUs very efficiently.

Extendable by Java

 If the Alinous-Core's built in function is not enough, you can extend functions by Java language.

Alinous-Core is written in Java language, and works on the J2EE Servlet container. Therefore, this can use Java's property.

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