Download and Install Server

Download and Install server into Tomcat. Then you can run your applications made in Alinous-Core.


Download from here.

Alinous-Core Server   2.1.3 download
Alinous-Core Server   2.1.2 download
Alinous-Core Server   2.1.1 download
Alinous-Core Server   2.0.1 download
Alinous-Core Server 1.0.106 download


Install Alinous-Core Server into Tomcat

After download it. Extract zp file, and do following operations.

  • Copy the "ROOT.war" in the zip archive into "webapps" folder in tomcat.
  • Set enviroment variable "ALINOUS_HOME" pointing your application project's ALINOUS_HOME folder.
  • Run tomcat.

Copy ROOT.war

 Copy the "ROOT.war" into the null/webapps/ directory.

Copy the ROOT.war 

Setting ALINOUS_HOME with shell script

 Make a shell script names "" in the null/bin/ directory.

 Write the "" like below.

set ALINOUS_HOME by script

Change the port from 8080 to 80

 In ortder to run your application on your server, you have to change the port. Please take a look at Runserver on 80 port in order to do that.

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