Install script example

 Install Script is DDL of the application located under the ALINOUS_HOME folder. This is a habit of Alinous-Core.

By prepare these DDL, you can setup application database automatically. In addiditon to the install script, preparing backuping and restoring database module, you can use this system in test automation.

Install script in the project

 The install script is in "ALINOUS_HOME/install/" folder of the example project.

Location of install script

The install.alns is the main module. The source code is below.

This script execute "create table" and other included module making other tables and data. The main module includes below.

Automatic database setup

 The install script is to automate the first installation of application's database. In order to setup, access url below after making database instance and launch Alinous-Core server.


After reading this page

 After reading this page, please take a look at Backup and restore database example. And when you read other examples using database table, please remember this page.

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