Software test

Testing the software is very important process.

Test Automation with selenium and JUnit

In Japan, the 3pl and e-commerce solution is made with the Alinous-Core. The test automation reduces the cost of development software very much. In addition to that, estimation of cost become accurate.

Software test automation

In the continuous development process, to automate testing is significantly useful. Once you write the test driver, execute it by one click.

In this section, we show how to design the test framework and manage it.

Set up testing tools

 We use testing tool below.

  • Eclipse IDE and JUnit
  • Selenuim framework
  • Firefox or Chrome web browser

The Alinous-Core IDE is based on Eclipse, and JUnit is already included in it. So we have to do is set up web browser. We use WebDriver of the selenium, so we have to install the plugin into the web browser.

Testing tools and technique

 To make Testing automation success, show you design pattern of testing code using the Selenium and JUnit.

Create Testing project with wizard

Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin includes testing project, and you can make it with new project wizard.

Software Testing Automation examples

In this part, we'll show you how to test the web based software using jQuery by example.

Basic part testing automation

 Basic part's testing is good tutorial to learn the pattern of testing automation. For example, the pattern ofbackup and restore database records are reused in other examples.

jQuery parts testing automation

 To do testing automation in rich client applications means to make testable jQuery code. I'll show you how to write it and test it automatically.

Application testing automation

 Story testing is essential for the application testing. By automating it, you can release robust application. Especially the labor to make data is reduced by testing automation. So you can do data-driven testing very efficiently.

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